Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi, I am Laurie Orloff, a Philharmonic mother and musician, and I can honestly say that I am so grateful to be part of the GDYO family. Sunday, as I walked in towards the end of the Philharmonic's first rehearsal of the season, I heard a very fortissimo passage in Sibelius' 2nd symphony being conducted by James Frank. Tears began welling up in my eyes. My fourteen year old was playing something I didn't play until I was twice his age, and the music was so beautiful and well done, even for sight reading. All those children in the Philharmonic have something special- more than just a left-brain ability to manifest written music into music that is heard. One could tell from the depth and scope of what was actually heard, that each and every child had a very mature understanding of and raw talent for playing music.

In hearing such talent, one can tell so much about an organization. It is evident that Greater Dallas is home to amazing private teachers who are very skilled performers as well as highly skilled motivators of children. Equally, it is obvious that there is an immense amount of dedication on the parents' part to cultivate and nurture a love for music in their children.

Dallas is very lucky as well to have the GDYO family. It truly is a family. When you combine the artistic abilities and supportive guidance of the conductors and coaches and the dedication of the students and parents with the obvious love and nurturing of the very professional staff, I can't think of a family in this broad sense that is more functional, loving and successful in the entire area.

Please take time to come and hear the concerts and to congratulate and appreciate all for their amazing efforts. This organization is going to be one of the biggest highlights in the annals of the history of Greater Dallas.

Laurie Orloff , Author of How to Handle Your Cranky and Stressed Out Parents: A Teen Survival Guide is a professional symphony violist and string teacher in Plano, Dallas and Greenhill School.

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R. Posey said...

Very impressive! As a friend of a GDYO parent, I'm looking forward to attending at least one of the performances during the coming year.