Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comments from GDYO members about trip

Comments from GDYO members: I think this trip has been so wonderful in many ways - we made amazing music, many new friends, and got to see new places and cities. This trip was really amazing and will be unforgettable. I think that every place we've been to has been beautiful and we've all just "grown" in a lot of ways. Cheers to a good last 3 days of this trip and best last tour concert! - Michelle Yang This trip has been amazing! It's wonderful to get to visit a place with a beautiful landscape and awesome halls. It's also been great meeting new people, both German and GDYO (and it's inspiring to realize how much young  talent we have) I've definitely enjoyed spending more time with so many musicians. I almost wish the tour wouldn't end! It's all been an amazing experience. - Samantha Guu This trip was really amazing and it's not even over yet! The food was really good, the music was really good (even the Mussorgsky that we never finished!) and the palaces, castles, churches and cute little stores were unbelievable. I want to stuff Europe in my suitcase and take it back with me...but I think it'd be over the weight limit. - Sophie Druffner I'm just so grateful to be lucky enough to be invited! The places we've been to have been so historical, it's incredible! The beautiful landscapes have been amazing, too. I think we've really accomplished our biggest goal for the tour - to make music. On the side, I've grown a lot personally, too, and I've made so many friends. This experience has been so great. It's an irreplaceable opportunity. - Veronica Zheng With only one concert to go, it's alright to say that this trip has been absolutely fantastic. In this past week and a half, we have grown musically, personally and even physically (from the walking tours). I'm really glad that I was fortunate enough to be part of this trip, and I really think we have made the best of it - by making music. - Derek Yan There's so much to say, so many amazing moments that I can't even begin to describe, so with a yawn I'll leave it up to you to imagine how wonderful this trip was how fortunate I was to have this opportunity, and how truly stunned I am at every moment of the day. - Ben Chilton I've had so much fun on this trip. I've never laughed harder in my life. I've also grown a lot as a person and as a musician. I'm so glad to have made so many great new friends and to have grown closer with the ones I've had. This trip is amazing. I second that. (what the person above said) Not only have I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful European cities, I've loved getting to meet so many awesome people and getting to know them through amazing experiences. - Harini Wow. I've gotten very close to students that I didn't even know the names of before we departed DFW. I've loved every thrilling day touring the cities, palaces, castles and churches. I've loved chilling with my friends watching the Euro Futbal cup. Thank you chaperones, parents, and GDYO for such a wonderful opportunity. - Haley Greenia I have had many mixed emotions on this trip. For first I thought I would dread the busy schedule and constant rules; However, as the days rolled by I realized the magic behind the making music and new friends. Each performance was special along with each moment with everyone on tour. I am very blessed to do the things I love on the tour: music, making friends, and traveling. I will definitely miss the GDYO program, but I will never forget the awesome moments of laughter, crying and fun enjoyable times. - Sonia Villanueva This trip has been a really amazing growing experience. I feel like I've grown as a musician, as a section leader, and I feel like I've grown in appreciation for classical music and the music we're playing. I don't wan to go home.  I originally didn't want to come, but how much I've changed my mind now. Making music with old and new friends was a really bonding experience and it's so much fun talking about all our tour guides and being exceptionally trollish during free time. I'm sad I can't go on another tour, but thanks to everyone (Patrick, Tonya, Mr. G, Mr. Moore, Mr. Geise and chaperones and the whole orchestra) for the best time of my life.

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