Sunday, June 24, 2012

A few comments from the kids about Dresden

Comments from kids on Dresden: Dresden was awesome! The German musicians were very nice and it was fun to watch and play with them. They were also interesting to talk to and it was fun to watch Aakash talk to them in German. And their concert hall was amazing! So beautiful. I wish we'd gotten to play the Elgar there too, but the other pieces sounded good also... - Samantha Guu It was really cool talking to the German youth orchestra. Listening to them play was really awesome. - Michael Wang Dresden was much less urban than Munich but much prettier than Prague. Playing with the German orchestra was very interesting and a lot of fun even though I was confused during the rehearsal. - Daniel Chilton Dresden was a phenomenally relaxing town with such beautiful architecture - made imagining its destruction in WW II abhorrent.  To be honest, it was like the perfect date place. - Ben Chilton Dresden was pretty cool. The German students were pretty good at their instruments - Franklin Jia Dresden is a beautiful city, and I love the way in which they rebuilt their amazing buildings. I really like the climate there, and the picnic was a great social event for getting to know the other people. The coolest thing was that Lutheran church that got knocked down into ruins. Now it's rebuilt all shiny and new, except they pieced back the remaining stones from the ruins into the walls of the church! - Veronica Zheng Dresden is absolutely beautiful, just like a lot of the other European cities we have been to. Although the architecture is starting to look all the same, I am really impressed of Dresden's beauty. - Derek Yan It was nice to meet all the German music students yesterday! They're all nice and fun to be around. I love how each building is so freaking pretty!!! Ahh. - Michelle Yang The best thing I have was tour Dresden in the evening. The temperature was perfect and the city was beautiful! Dresden was really pretty I very much enjoyed playing with the German students and getting to know them. Watching the game was really fun and I like getting to know more of the kids here in GDYO! - Emily Dresden and I are like Peanut butter and jelly; The sweet nature of the city makes me a complete nut. The Hochschule was AMAZING!!! The concert in Dresden was concrete proof that GDYO concert always end with a BANG! Oh yeah and Tonya rocks! Team Donna! - Aakash Patel

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