Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 1 A travel day It is never easy to travel with a large group of people because everyone travels differently. We all have our little things that we must do or have to make it a better trip. Communication can be difficult. You often cannot hear or the old trick by the time the messages gets to the back, it's become a mixed jumble of nonsense. But I have to say, that traveling with GDYO and these extremely mature young people is fun. Several times people stopped me in the airport to ask who and what we were and I always got at the end of the conversation, what a brave soul for going with them. But in all honesty, these kids are amazing and I don't feel brave but honored. I am truly amazed how well they do. At that age I was not near that close to the level of maturity, the ability to talk to strangers, to know what to do, where to go and have little fear. They are true ambassadors and I get to be with them for the next 15 days. But just to give you an idea of what all happens just to get on a plane -  The airlines do their best to make it as easy as possible on not just us, but themselves and other passengers traveling. They gathered us up and gave instructions and we lined up in our chaperone groups and I have to say we have some top notch chaperones. Each with their on flair and abilities. Once we get through ticketing, it's time for security and honestly, we made it through without one hitch. Everyone had all their stuff prepared and did exactly as told. We even made it through in enough time for people to grab some lunch.  We loaded the plane with as much ease as possible. It can be difficult trying to find spots for all those instruments and not disturb the other passengers but we did it and once on, the GDYO students took their seats and carried on normal levels conversations.  Now I know you are thinking how can this be so perfect. Well, it wasn't. We had to move around a few seats and the flight was full but overall, not bad. We landed in Philly with thirty mintues to spare and dashed off to the gate. All made it, with time for the bathroom and a quick snack if needed.  But here is where it got a little screwy and this was not the fault of the GDYO. A brilliant scheduler decided it would be a great idea to have four international flights board at the same time, so yes there was a little bit of confusion and we were a little bit in the way, but it all worked out and we got on the plane.  So as I type this, it is late in the evening, we just had a dinner of mystery meat and pasta and all are settling in to sleep or watch a little in-flight entertainment. It's a full flight. Every seat is taken and I am stuffed in the middle between two people I don't know, as a few of our kids are and guess what, we're all okay and handling it well. In a few hours we will be in Munich and more fun will begin. 

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