Monday, June 25, 2012

More comments from kids

Comments from kids about Dresden and Miscellaneous things:  The coolest thing we've done is tour the porcelain place. I loved learning about it. The best thing I've done was nailing Trularies in Pictures and the strangest thing I've done was seeing the self-cleaning rotating toilet at the gas station! "Running is the best way to explore a new city." Tonya's wise words proved to be true this morning. I experienced/enjoyed the fresh air, beautiful nature, exquisite architecture, daring squirrels, perfect weather of Dresden all in a 2.5. mile run - Harini The coolest thing: a train station that looks like the opera house. Why can't we have these in America? The strangest thing: a guy with a huge mohawk that was orange. The best thing: playing Stars and Stripes at the Smetana Festival. That was the most fun I've had in an orchestra ever. The coolest thing: the rebuilt Fravenkirche in Dresden, and how they put every brick of the ruins back in their original place. The strangest thing: Bubble tea at McDonald's. The best thing: Playing in the open air at Litomysl.  The coolest thing I have seen would be the paintings representing the movements from Pictures at an Exhibition that were showcased at our concert in Litomysl. The strangest thing I have seen would probably be the array of crazy drinks with their "special ingredients." So far the best memory would be the outdoor music festival in Litomysl. The crowd was so great and performing all the encores was really rewarding along with seeing the joy on the crowd faces. The best experience: playing at Litomysl. The coolest stage and audience, breathtaking sound, and best performance. The coolest things: tie between statues and fruit stands. Prague's statues lean and glare at the people in the streets having an eery life to them. But fresh German fruit is so tasty! The strangest things: six person tourist bike and crazy German futbol fans yelling in the streets. On of the funniest nights was watching a German soccer Germany. I also enjoyed getting to talk with some German kids my age. The castles are nice too. Favorite: seeing the opera house and getting free time to explore each city. Strangest: Naked dude on the river bank in Munich. Coolest: The castle that we played at! It was so beautiful. It made me decide to be a princess when I am older. ; ) Coolest thing: Getting to walk around the arts/ theater district in Dresden was an amazing experience. The way that they have restored some of their buildings using the same parts of the buildings from before the WW II bombings made them even more beautiful. Best thing I've done: Two things - getting to watch the soccer games with everyone crammed into one hotel room has been a ton of fun. I love how everyone here is so passionate about this sport. Another thing I loved doing was meeting the German students yesterday. I had my doublts about meeting them because I was nervous that the language barrier would make trying to communicate uncomfortable. However, they all spoke English very well. And not only were we able to just have a basic conversation, we were really able to relate to them and what they go through in everyday life. Being able connect so easy with them was an amazing experience. The coolest thing I have experienced in Germany is the camaraderie and support of their national team. America could learn from that. The strangest thing I have seen is that a hotel still used keys instead of key cards. The best thing I have done is meet more people in GDYO and communicated with people without spoken language. 

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