Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More comments from kids about trip

More comments from kids about the entire trip:
 The music schools in Germany are scary good, plus the schools are so modern and nice. I wish our schools looked like that. - Brian Geise
 I don't like America and I am so sad we are returning soon, because comparing Texas to Germany is like comparing dirt to a diamond. Germany is just better! - Abby
 I love Germany and eating potatoes everyday. - Erin
 I don't want to go home...The German music schools are all really good. - Samuel K.
 The people in Germany are so friendly! I love my oboe section!!! - Ben Fu
 Germany's been such a great experience. Music, friends, soccer, long bus rides, and the incredible meat and potatoes meal everyday...what not to love! - Lawrence Liu
Germany is pretty awesome when you have such good friends as on this tour. - Matthew Geise
 This place is amazing! I love how everywhere we've been has had a different "flavor" and feeling, but how all have been incredible. I'm going to miss it - already can't wait to come back. - Trevor M.
Germany is such a beautiful country! It finally rained on us yesterday so we were able to bust out the rain gear. And it's finally colder too, so I can finally wear the majority of the clothes I packed thinking it would be like the arctic blast here. - Megan Wright
Can't believe our journey is so close to an end. It's been incredible; the people we've met, the places we've been and the friends we've made. Whether we're tired from rehearsing or from touring, every moment has been unforgettable. - Rooha Khan
One of the best musical experiences of my life. - Regan
 The opportunity to perform in Europe has been absolutely incredible. It reminds me that music is indeed the universal language. - Ina
I really enjoyed the guided tours - Alicia Nguyen
It gets harder and harder to get up every day because we're getting more and more tired, but I'm still having the time of my life. I have loved meeting other musicians! - Emily Long
The best parts are the market places and free time on our own. That's when we get to see theh city as explorers. - Masie O'Brien
I loved seeing Weimar and meeting the German musicians! Everything we've seen has been wonderful and the weather just keeps getting cooler and better. - Caroline Magee
I love Europe so much! Performing at different places has been the best. Also, a bird nearly flew into our room today so that was fun - Chris Pawlowski
I loved walking around Weimar! I really love the feeling of the cities we've been to. It's really gorgeous here! I also loved meeting other musicians here because they were so friendly! Also, salt and pepper in water makes a fancy drink - thank Ina and Dylan I love the weather here! Definitely a change from the other cities we visited. I'm so sad our last concert is tomorrow! - Allison Beck
Listening to the youth orchestra from Weimar was incredible and is inspirational knowing our potential is more than we could dream - Drew Johnson-Scott
These past twelve days have been filled with unforgettable experiences and adventures. I love Europe and definitely will be coming back again someday. Also, the concert venues have been incredible - Caitlin Garcia
This experience has been so incredible that I can't even put it into words. I will never forget the friends I've made and the places I've been. I can't believe it's almost over. - Holly O'Brien
This tour has been so much fun and exciting. It is so great to be exposed to the social, geographical, and historical aspects of a foreign culture. I constantly find myself excited to see what the next city will be like. - Phoenix Abbo

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