Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Couple of chaperone comments

Comments from the chaperones: Impressions nearing the end of the tour: Will miss the patchwork greens of the German hills and countryside and the cooler days of these last few when we return to the browns and heat of Texas; Looking forward to ice and choosing which Mexican food restaurant to patronize, however, the European championships is in full swing and all the kids have soccer fans, mostly for German of course. Forcing myself to stay awake on the bus so as not to miss any sights; wish I'd worn a pedometer to know how many miles we've walked; Surprised at the prevalence of the giant white windmills thru the countryside, although no in any concentrations like the west Texas wind farms. Now I see a nuclear power plant in the near distance spouting steam and hoping there's not a German equivalent to Homer Simpson. Pleased with the sincere and enthusiastic receptions of our audiences. The kids are performing with a gusto that does not show in any way their underlying exhaustion. An experience that they will cherish the rest of their lives. - David Olson Heard from a chaperone said by GDYO member: "I'm tired and we haven't even begun the tour." This has been an experience of a lifetime. The GDYO students have been wonderful. They have put on great performances even though they are very tired. I've really enjoyed getting to know my fellow chaperones, especially at the all-important nightly chaperone meetings! I've enjoyed all of the cities we've visited and getting a better understanding of their histories and differences. Music and the arts are a very important element for each of them and I'm certain many of the GDYO students on this trip will return on their own sometimes in their future. I'm very grateful for yet another great opportunity and memory the GDYO has provided for my children. - Nick Geise

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