Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 2 - Munich

Day 2 - Munich We hit the ground running when we arrived in Munich. Only one bag was lost but is now back with the owner. We jumped on buses and headed straight for downtown. Our tour guides are Angie and Lothar, and are wonderful and have a great knowledge of history, facts and anything German. The buses are a little crowded and when the warm weather, a bit warm, but we managed to explain to the drivers, we're from Texas and we hate the heat. So it's getting better. Munich was very crowded because of the anniversary. People were everywhere and so at times it was hard to hear the guides. Oh, they split us into four groups and took us around the city. But it was hot and again very crowded and honestly we were all pretty tired. BUT - we plowed through and learned a few things about Munich and did our best to grab some lunch. And then quickly boarded the buses to check into the hotel. The Holiday Inn is very nice. They have large elevators! So no climbing the stairs. The rooms are spacious for European standards, all have air conditioning and private baths. So relaxing in the room is nice. But we didn't get to do that for long, it was off to rehearsal. The rehearsal space turned out to be very small, so we were cramped in but like all good musicians the GDYO members pushed through and had a decent rehearsal. Then it was back to the hotel and ready for dinner. We walked to a restaurant nearby and had it all to ourselves. Dinner was a salad with mushrooms and a choice of pork, spaghetti, noddles or schnitzel and for dessert Strawberries and cream or fruit. It was pretty good, but our young musicians were so tired many were all most falling asleep at the table! We got them back to bed and there was no arguments about lights out.

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