Saturday, June 23, 2012

Comments of Prague from GDYO members

Comments on Prague:  I learned that everyone here is very appreciative of classical music. It really surprised me how I was going down the hallway while humming "The Great Gate of Kiev" and a random lady hummed along too! and even the little children and teens really like classical music too. - Michelle Yang I didn't so much learn, but really realized the political past of the country. It seems things don't hit you until you're in the middle of the issue. I really enjoyed the Czech Republic and, as always, loved their appreciation for the arts. I thought it was very interesting that even though this country is so old and has such a rich history, it is a relatively new democracy. Living in America, we take the "democracy" way at living for granted. I liked how our tour guide explained to us that the people's mind sets have yet to change to match the new government. It's a concept I've never really thought about before. - Harini Suresh I was sort of surprised (pleasantly) that some stores accepted Euros Maybe just in tourist areas though. Still, why keep Kournas if you accept Euros? I thought is was really cool how so much history is crammed together in the Czech Republic. In any given city you can see ancient churches and buildings next to communist flats next to modern hotels. Also the wildflowers are really pretty. I really liked the buildings and all but it seemed like a poor county because of the communism and everything. I liked some of the people though, but I think while a lot were friendly, some Czechs were hardened by the Communists' rule.  I learned that Prague is beautiful yet very uncomfortable. I was surprised by how receptive the crowd in Litomysl was.  Prague was beautiful. It was hard to be at ease sometimes because of pick-pocketing, but all-in-all I had a great time seeing all the history. Prague was a beautiful city with a few rough places. I loved the cathedral that went to on our city tour! But I am looking forward to German food again. The Czech Republic is definitely much different than anything I'm used to. There were many beautiful aspects and I was fascinated by the country The Czech Republic was a very interesting place to visit. It was a little bit creepy to see buildings and flats from the time of communists rule. Prague was awesome. I was not as impressed with Prague as I had thought I was going to be. The area next to our hotel was a bit sketchy and Prague was very very crowded and touristy. That being said, the old churches and castles were very beautiful for sure. I really enjoyed Litsomyl. The Czech Republic was an interesting city, although somewhat dangerous in terms of pick-pocketing. Visiting Smetana's birthplace was a mind boggling idea. Still, the best part of being on tour is the fact that music can bypass the language barrier. I'm shocked to see how this country is still stuck with some of communist's foot print. (the apartment buildings) My favorite part was the concert: beautiful outdoor stage setting and the people were just so nice and happy! I really enjoyed walking around and seeing buildings that were older than our nation. They were beautiful. Prague was beautiful, you just had to look past the communist imprint on the city. Pretty things and rich culture. Bad food and sketchy people. Still liked it though. My stomach didn't.  There is beauty in the most unlikely places. At first Prague did not seem that pleasant, but considering it's political past I can totally see the improvement. It's fascinating seeing the transformation throughout the country. Although the Czech Republic is not on the top of my list, I will still appreciate the arts in Prague, the classical arts are still alive in the hearts of those in the Czech Republic.  A Poem: Rain on pavement An open countryside sprawls before me. then, out of nowhere: a bustling city,  beautiful lights. The world here tastes a bit fresher. 

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