Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few more comments on Dresden from kids

More comments on Dresden: Dresden has been my favorite city so far! This will probably be the city I remember the most! - Allie Stewart Dresden is very beautiful with great buildings and a calm atmosphere. I really enjoyed the experience of meeting the German musicians as well. - Phoenix Abbo I definitely think that Dresden is the most beautiful city we've seen so far. The mix of old and new is balanced and gives the city so much character. Dresden has been my favorite! - Emily Cheng I love Dresden! I loved exploring the city and meeting the musicians! They were so nice and welcoming. - Holly O'Brien Let's just put it this way - I took almost 400 pictures in the 2 days we were in Dresden. - Cailtlin Garcia I loved going on the walking tour of Dresden in the evening - the city was so beautiful at night. I also really enjoyed playing with the Dresden musicians in their orchestra - it was a unique, wonderful experience. - Caroline Magee Mingling with students from the conservatory was an amazing opportunity! Communication poses no threat when we are equipment with the power of interpretive dance. - Masie O'Brien I think we should've just stayed in Dresden all trip long. Good food, great music, awesome architecture, fantastic people. - Samuel Kang The walking tour of Dresden was one of the most fun parts of the trip. Gorgeous buildings and history, active city life, and tons of fantastic street (and tunnel!) performers made it great fun! Playing with the German students for their half of the concert was wonderful as well - they were all incredibly skilled and so kindhearted. - Trevor Meagher Dresden is probably my favorite city we've traveled to. It's so clean and safe and nearly everything is fresh and new. All of the German students we met were so fun and polite. I'm also starting to become a soccer (or I guess I should say futbol) fan! - Megan Wright A great blend of modern and old, Dresden is wonderful city! Great weather and host in Dresden added to this fantastic two days! - Rooha Khan  The concert hall in Dresden was magnificently beautiful and meeting the German kids was so much fun to learn the cultural differences! - Drew Johnson-Scott Dresden was a very hospitable city and I loved staying here and wish I could stay longer! - Jennifer Cho Not only is Dresden surrounded by beautiful architecture at every turn, it is also very home-y and clean. So far, I've enjoyed staying here the most. Good food, interesting buildings, and charming atmosphere, nice people. - Lucy Cheng Dresden has had, in my opinion, the most positive atmosphere of all the cities we've visisted. In my future travels, I hope to visit it again. - Zachery  Dresden is a really nice place! Everything looks really nice and clean. The people over there are really nice too! - Ujwal Madhavapeddi An amazing two days in Dresden - I loved everything about it! the food, the architecture, and the people! Can't wait to visit again in future travels. - Allison Beck Dresden is such a gorgeous city! The walking tour in the evening was incredible. I also really loved meeting the people from the music school - we were soon friends. I really loved staying in Dresden and I hope to visit again. - Tiffany Mourlam Dresden was amazing! The architecture and history of the city really makes it special. I also love how its full of music - Jack McKay. Dresden has a great history. Tour guide was awesome. People were good looking and friendly. Nice and spacious walking - beautiful buildings and river. One of my favorite places. - Alicia Nguyen

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