Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weimar and concert 5

Visit to Weimar and concert. We had a late start on Monday which was nice. No getting up at the crack of dawn but a little time to get ready and enjoy a nice breakfast. We went into town for a walking tour. It was very cold (by Texas standards) and it rained but most everyone was prepared with umbrellas, jackets or hoodies.  The tour took us around the city and Weimar is a city of the arts. Composers such as Bach, Liszt, Wagner and even Mahler spent many days there. It is also known for literature as Goethe was born there and lived a large part of his life in the city. But it seemed like every building we went by was the home of some important musicians, poet, writer, actor, etc. This small town which is so quaint looks nothing like you would think a city out of the communist days. It is colorful and full of life. After the tours there was time for lunch and shopping. There were also museums to tour and parks to walk through. Over all it was a nice day, even with the rain and colder weather. We headed off to rehearsal at the Belevarde School. It is a school of music and has contemporary buildings mixed with the older style. The performance venue is unique. Shaped like a horseshoe the orchestra is on the far end at the bottom of the horseshoe. Risers go up about five steps, which is where people will sit for the concert. Behind the orchestra is a large window that looks out to large trees and has a view of the town. The school sits up on a hill. Patrick was not sure how the orchestra would fit but it looks really nice, the seem to have plenty of space. Acoustically it is bright as the floor is wood and the ceiling and part of the columns concrete.  The school will be performing on the concert along with the GDYO.  We had dinner at the school, originally we were supposed to eat with the German students, but the dining area was not big enough to house both groups. Concert 5 This was a joint concert with the Belvederer Orchester. They opened with Sinfonie no. 5 mvt 2. It really was a nice performance, mellow and relaxed. Then they performed Ritual Dance by Manuel DeFalla. It was a fun adventure and they played very well.  GDYO performed Carnival Overture, Fall at the Barnard Cottage and Pictures at an Exhibition.  Overall a good concert. The audience loved them as they seem to every where, but honestly can you blame them? Nice solos tonight from Lizzie Kang, flute, Haley Greenia, horn, Reagen O'Connor, trumpet. Lots of yells and whistles at the end and these kids can whistle. Audience really enjoyed again. Encore this evening  - Nimrod from Elgar. I personally can never tire of this piece and GDYO does such a lovely job. The rain was falling behind them and the trees swaying in the wind. It seems almost too perfect and I don't know how these amazing things keep happening. Next encore - Overture to Candide - great solos by all.  After the concert the GDYO members got to hang out with the German students. Once agian I think a few new friendships were made. I wish they would have had more time to spend together but the school had a curfew and it was the end of a very long day for us. But hopefully a few emails and facebook addresses were exchanged.

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